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British Coffee Culture
That Keeps You Going.

England is known for its tea culture. But on the island they also know how to make good coffee. With Oi Mate! we have developed a brand that uses classic British design elements to communicate the theme of coffee in a playful and concise way.

In addition to the core product, we developed a wide range of secondary product designs from merchandise and packaging to our own small clothing collection.

Oi Mate! British Coffee Culture
Our Services Include:
Brand Strategy / Brand Consulting / Brand Development / Brand Story / Naming / User & Customer Research / Use Cases / Corporate Design / Brand Identity / Brand Communication / Retail & Environments / Brand Guidelines / Package Design / Product Design / Storytelling & Content Strategies / Print Design / Signage / Complementary Graphics & Illustrations / Custom Illustrations / Rollout & Implementation
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Namo Studio
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Namo Branding aus Bern
Namo Studio is an owner-run branding and design agency based in Bern, Switzerland, specialized in brand development and consulting. Together with our clients, we create unique corporate and product brands that help them take their business to the next level.
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